Metric Test Points - M16x2.00

These plugs form part of the HSP Test Equipment range which is designed to be complementary to and
interchangeable with similar equipment from other manufacturers. Test points are installed into the hydraulic system hardware and can be used with Pressure Test Probe Equipment. The equipment is used to obtain random pressure checks during service and fault finding. Probes may be connected and disconnected at full system pressure without fluid loss or ingress of dirt.

BSPP Thread Height (MM) A/F (MM) Thread Length (MM) Weight (KG) Part Number
1/8\\\\”  48.40 17.00 10.00 0.06 HSP2000-A
1/4\\\\” 52.00 19.00 12.70 0.07 HSP2000-B
3/7\\\\” 52.50 22.00 12.70 0.08 HSP2000-C


Category: Test Points and Accessories
Sub-Category: Standard Test Points