All HSP Test Points are designed and manufactured in house.

Supplied with a Metric  or Imperial Test Point:

Imperial 5/8″ BSF Range – HSP1600-*

Metric M16x2.00 Range -HSP1600-*M

For Metric pipe fittings to DIN2353 & BS4368.

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Product Description

These couplings are designed for use with inch series pipework. Couplings can be designed into system pipework or added to existing pipework at any point where pressure checks will be required during servicing. A direct or remote reading HSP Test Probe or a Test Kit can then be connected to individual test points as and when required. Test can be made at full system
pressure without loss of oil or ingress of dirt. The equipment may also be used to bleed a system of air. Installation is quick
and simple even in existing pipework where it is only necessary to cut out a short length of pipe, insert the ends into the
tee -piece, then tighten up with two nuts.

Product Features

Working Pressure up to 600 Bar
Material Zinc plated steel body