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Product Description

This kit is designed to allow accurate and safe hydraulic pressure testing even though the magnitude of the prevailing pressure may not be known. Three pressure gauges of increasing capacity are connected together in parallel. If the pressure exceeds 66% of full scale of the low and middle range gauges, these are automatically isolated to prevent damage up to 400 bar. The ranges of these two gauges are selected from the table below whilst the third gauge is calibrated up to 600 bar and therefore suitable for 400 bar operation. The input orifice of the kit provides damping for all the gauges and is protected by a wire mesh filter. A flexible hose, stored in the case, is used for connection to a hydraulic test point installed in the system.

Specify code for kit plus gauges 1 & 2 suffix letters e.g. HSP1250-E-F is a 3 gauge kit for pressures 0-200 bar, 0-400 bar and 0-600 bar. Probes for use with Imperial Test Point Plugs are standard; for use with Metric Test Point plugs add M to the code number e.g. HSP1250M-E-F. Nitrile seals are standard for optional Viton seals add V e.g. HSP1250M-E-F-V.

Product Features

Accuracy ¬± 1.6% f.s.d at 20°C
Working Pressure up to 400 bar