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Product Description

Kits consist of single or dual 4 gauge panels which carry pressure gauges in various ranges. A panel may be fitted with 3 or 4 gauges and each gauge has its own connecting plug built into the kit. A test point is supplied which can be installed at any point in the hydraulic system where a pressure test is required. The 2 metre flexible hose provides the link between the system plug and the appropriate gauge plug. The hose can also be connected to the system by utilising any of the range of HSP Test Point couplings and adaptors. Connection and disconnection may be made with the system at full working pressure without loss of oil or ingress of dirt.

Please specify code for kit plus gauge suffix letters e.g. HSP396-4-A-C-E-F is a 4 gauge kit for pressures 0-6 bar, 0-60 bar, 0-200 bar and 0-400 bar. Probes for use with Imperial Test Point Plugs are standard; for use with Metric Test Point Plugs add M to the code number e.g. HSP3966M-4-A-C-E-F. Nitrile seals are standard, for optional Viton seals and V e.g. HSP396M-4-A-C-E-F-V.

Product Features

Accuracy ¬± 1.6% f.s.d at 20°C
Working Pressure up to 600 bar