All HSP Test Points are designed and manufactured in house.

Supplied with a Metric  or Imperial Test Point:

Imperial 5/8″ BSF Range – HSP1900-*

Metric M16x2.00 Range -HSP1900-*M

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Product Description

HSP Standpipe adaptors are designed to fit into metric ‘S’ and ‘L’ series compression type pipe fittings and thus may be used in elbows, tee pieces, bulkhead or straight couplings. With the open stem of the adaptor pushed firmly home in the bore of the fitting, the hexagon nut is tightened to compress the bite ferrule until it grips onto the standpipe stem. These adaptors provide a simple and versatile method of fitting pressure test points into a hydraulic system. They are designed for use with the direct or remote Pressure Test Probes.

Product Features

Working Pressure up to 600 Bar
Material Zinc plated steel body