All HSP Test Kit parts are designed and manufactured in house.

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Product Description

HSP has a range of Metric Test Kits. Each kit has been designed for application purposes but can be modified to suit more specific tasks. The kits comes in black plastic snap lock cases with high density dual colour foam.

Parts included in the Kit –

Large Kit Case P0482
63mm Gauge 0 – 120 Bar P267-D
63mm Gauge 0 – 300 Bar P267-J
63mm Gauge 0 – 600 Bar P267-P
Rubber Cover x 2 P0415
2000MM Microbore Test Hose, M16 x 2 (Female) to 1/4″ BSP Gauge (Female) HSP1320-H-2-12
M16 x 2(Female) to 1/4″ BSP (Female) Direct Probe HSP7000-2
M16 x 2 (Male) to 1/4″ Gauge Connection (Female) HSP3000-2
1/8 BSPF Metric Test Point HSP2000-A
1/4 BSPF Metric Test Point HSP2000-B
3/8 BSPF Metric Test Point HSP2000-C
1/4″ BSP Hose Coupling HSP1581-2M
1/2″ BSP Hose Coupling HSP1581-4M
5/8″BSF (Female) to M16 x2 (Male) Adaptor HSP1873
Perspex Seal Box P0503
3/8″ BSP Seal P0274
1/4″ BSP Seal P0269
1/8″ BSP Seal P0510
BS008 Seal x 5 P5008