HSP’s Inline Hose Burst Safety Check Valve are designed and manufactured in house

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Product Description

When fitted into the pressure line servicing a cylinder or component, this valve acts as an automatic safety check which will
sustain an external load in the event of a rupture in the line downstream of the valve. To ensure maximum protection, the valve
should be fitted as near as possible to the cylinder of component. A poppet valve, held open by a light spring, allows free flow
in both directions at normal fluid velocities. Should a rupture occur high velocity return flow by the external load overcomes the
spring and closes the valve creating a hydraulic lock. An optional orifice sized to suit the application will meter return flow and
allow controlled movement of the external load.

Stainless Steel options available on request.

Please specify code number for valve and closing flow eg. HSP839-4-40.

HSP839-3 (10 – 40 L/MIN)

HSP839-4 (40 – 90 L/MIN)

HSP839-6 (70 – 120 L/MIN)

HSP839-8 (125 – 200 L/MIN)

HSP839-10 (250 L/MIN)


Product Features

Working Pressure up to 600 Bar
Material Zinc Plated Steel body