HSP’s S.A.E Flange Interfaces are designed and manufactured in house

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Product Description

The Valve is used to hydraulically lock a cylinder or other hydraulic system component by preventing return flow. It is designed to interface between the component and a standard S.A.E 6000 series high pressure flange.
Free flow in one direction is allowed by a poppet valve which unseats against a 0.35 bar spring. As the flow stops, the poppet reseats to prevent return flow thereby locking the load. Restricted return flow may be achieved by specifying an optional orifice drilled through the poppet valve. The orifice diameter will depend on return flow requirements.

For use with 3/4” and 1” S.A.E high pressure flanges.
No return flow standard, restricted return flow optional.

Product Features

Working Pressure up to 420 Bar
Material Zinc plated Steel