HSP’s Cartridge Two Way Check Valves are designed and manufactured in house

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Product Description

This 3-port, piston type check valve is available to operate in one of two ways.
Vent to open type – Flow from port ‘A’ to ‘C’ can occur at all times. Flow from port ‘C’ to ‘A’ can only occur if port ‘B’ vented.
Pilot to close type – Flow from port ‘A’ to ‘C’ or from port ‘C’ to port ‘A’ can occur if pilot port ‘B’ is not pressurised. With pilot pressure applied, the valve is closed in both directions. The pilot required to close the valve is 25% of the pressure at port ‘A’ or 75% of the pressure at port ‘C’.

Vent to open or close to pilot types available.

7/8 UNF – 14 – 2A

Product Features

Working Pressure up to 350 Bar
Flow 60 l/min
Material Zinc plated steel body with hardened Steel components