HSP’s Cartridge Pressure Gauge Protection Valves are designed and manufactured in house

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Product Description

The cartridge valve is positioned between the gauge and the supply pressure, the function being to limit the maximum pressure which can reach the gauge, thus preventing damage to the mechanism by over pressurisation. The cartridge valve is equally suitable for any other application requiring automatic pressure shut-off at pre-set levels.
Under normal conditions an adjustable spring holds the valve open against internal pilot pressure, but if pressure exceeds the setting it overcomes the spring to close the valve and isolate the gauge. When pressure returns to normal, the spring re-asserts itself to open the valve. An in-built sintered bronze disc protects the small damping orifice against contamination. ‘O’ Ring Seal for positive shut-off.

Product Features

Working Pressure up to 400 Bar
Material Zinc plated steel body with hardened Steel components