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Product Description

This compact range of pressure gauges has been compiled especially to meet the requirements of hydraulic applications, and will operate in an ambient temperature of 65°C. For a normal temperature of 20°C compensation is + 0.3% for a temperature increase of 10°C and -0.3% for a glycerine filled to damp pressure surges, high frequency vibrations etc. The case incorporates an over pressure valve and a safety blow-out disc. Pressure range should be selected to use 75% f.s.d. for steady pressure applications with slow changes, or 66% f.s.d for applications involving rapid pressure fluctuations.

  • AISI 304 Stainless Steel Case, Brass Socket & Plexiglas Window
  • Phosphor bronze bourdon tube and brass movement

Product Features

Accuracy ¬± 1.6% f.s.d at 20°C