We’ve listened to our customers and one of the things we hear most is ‘I need a Check Valve with a …’. It could be a Male and Female thread configuration, a non-standard cracking pressure or a size they aren’t able to find. As well as offering a standard range of Check Valves we offer a bespoke Check Valve service which includes design, development and prototyping meaning that we’re able to meet our customer demands quickly. If the bespoke Check Valve required is for production we can also quote prices based on annual demand forecasts. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to be agile when meeting customer requirements.

Our facility in Wakefield has full key manufacturing and design facilities including multi axis and multi spindle machining, CNC milling, turning, honing and grinding as well as product design using Solidworks. This allows us to work with customer drawings whether it’s Bespoke Check Valves, Manifold Blocks or Adaptors and provide drawings for our customers to work with in their own systems, speeding up the design process. Then, prototypes can be supplied in weeks and sometimes even days because we carry Check Valve components in stock and complete all testing and assembly in house.

Check Valves are often also referred to as Non-Return Valve, Reflux Valve, One Way Valve or Clack Valve. They are in line valves that allow flow in one direction and prevents back flow when fluid in the system reverses direction. Unlike other Valves, Check Valves are self-automated and don’t require manual opening and closing. Another benefit of using Check Valves is that they continue to work even if a system loses electricity or power.

We’ve put together a few Bespoke Check Valve examples that display some of our capabilities as a UK designer and manufacturer. Whether you need a side port adaptor, BSP x UNF threads or 60° female positional couplings, we can manufacture it. In fact, that’s exactly what one our OEM customers required, this is the finished product:

Next, is a Bespoke 1/2” BSP Male x Male Bulkhead Double Check Valve, with the bulkhead thread on one side you can see that the overall length is longer than a standard Check Valve.

Finally, a Bespoke 1.1/4” BSP X 1 .1/16” UNF Male x Male Check Vale with a very low 2 bar cracking pressure, shorter length body and O-ring seal.

If you have any bespoke check valve requirements then please call 01924 364 748 or email us at sales@h-s-p.co.uk and we’ll work closely with you to provide the best solution for your hydraulic system.

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