Hydraulic System Products GDPR Compliance

Published : 05/15/2018 10:57:01
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GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulations (officially (EU) 2016/679) and it represents the latest evolution of regulations on data privacy and protection in Europe. It came into effect on May 25th 2018 and in this article, we are going to demonstrate our GDPR compliance. If you would like more information on GDPR then you can visit the official website here - https://www.eugdpr.org/.

As a business located inside the EU that processes the personal data of EU individuals it is our responsibility to ensure that we a GDPR compliant. We have reviewed how personal data has been previously collected and can confirm to the best of our knowledge that any acquisition of personal data up until May 25th 2018 has been done so with consent and acknowledges that renewed consent is not required.

Personal data that is collected may include name, email address, company name and address and telephone number. Your data may be stored on a local network, secure CMS, email server or email marketing database and individuals have the right to a copy of their personal data, free of charge, in electronic format. Any breach of security will be brought to the attention of individuals with 72 hours of HSP first becoming aware of said breach. Personal data is only used for business related communications and transactions by HSP staff and is not shared to businesses or individuals outside of the organisation.

Direct Marketing carried out by Hydraulic System Products will only be conducted on individuals who have opted-in consent using a clearly defined method in which they are aware how their data is used and stored and/or in where specific consent is not in place and we believe the individual has legitimate interest, without infringement of their individual rights or freedoms.

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