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Published : 08/25/2016 11:30:29
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Inline BSPF, NPT & SAE Check Valves
  • Available in Female/Female, Male/Female threads.
  • Up to 600 Bar working pressure.
  • Optional orifices available.
  • Plated Steel body with a hardened guided Steel Poppet case.
Product Code Example: 1/4" BSPF Check Valves Female/Female, 2 Bar = HSP600-2-30.
Safety (Hose Burst) Check Valves
Product Code Example: 1/2" BSPF Female/Female = HSP1692.

Soft Seat Check Valves
  • Up to 600 Bar working pressure.
  • Alternative operating settings.
  • Various thread connections available.
  • Plated Steel body with guided Steel Poppet.
Product Code Example: 1/4" NPT Soft Seat Check Valve, Female/Female 7 PSI =
HSP safety and soft seat check valves
Double Check Valves
  • Available in a variety of thread types.
Product Code Example: 1/2" BSPF Check Valves Female/Female = HSP1692.

SAE Flange Interface
  • Maximum working pressure 420 bar.
  • For use with 3/4" and 1" SAE high pressure flanges. 
  • No return flow standard, restricted return flow optional.
Product Code Example: 3/4" NPT Flange interface = HPS1725-12.
Pilot Operated
Pilot Operated External Drain
Double Pilot Operated
Double Pilot Operated Ball
  • Up to 350 Bar working pressure.
  • Cracking pressure 0.65 bar for Check Valves.
  • 4:1 piston ratio.
  • Various BSPF port sizes.
Product Code Example: 1/2" BSPF Double Pilot Operated Check Valves = HSP850-4.
Pilot Operated Check Valves HSP

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